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"Broken phone" Part 2

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Part 2

And so the day went in a whirlwind of activities that neither Colin nor Jared foresaw when that day started. When the darkness of the late hour descended on the island, both were deadly tired but happy with the results both of them were able to achieve. The staff of the tiny resort island also managed to overcome their initial surprise and apprehension when they heard about the change of plans and they exceeded even their own expectations at not only organizing all the required things quickly but organizing them in complete secrecy from the outside world and the guests who still enjoyed the facilities on the north and south ends of the island.

“I think we should have some sleep if we expect to continue like that for two more days,” announced Colin resting his fork and knife over the empty plate. My boat should arrive any moment now. Do you want to join me or you have your own arrangements?”

“May be I could have stayed awake a few more hours but I see no need, we achieved a lot today. I don’t have any arrangements; I planned to return to the main island today. But I am sure there is a spare room somewhere here.”

“Why you don’t join me on the charter? It’s a small boat but I always can find place for Hephaistion, you know?” Colin smiled.

“All right, Alexander. Let’s see what’s Your Majesty can share with his overworked general.”

“Nothing fancy but it’s a private and will do for a night. I also didn’t plan to stay for a long on the island, just a few hours but then I wanted to cruise around to pick up the best views of this archipelago. Maureen never has been in this part of the world. I thought to return to the mainland in the morning but I already let them know about my changed plans. No details, though.”

“All right, actually, I am looking forward to take a shower and hit a bed.”

When in less than an hour they were greeted by the captain and the small crew on the boat, Colin introduced Jared simply as his friend. The singer nonchalantly waved during the introduction and put on his best charming smile though he suspected it was lost in the semidarkness of the night.

Both men followed the steward down the steps and entered the luxurious cabin that was opened for them.

“Is there anything else you require, Mr. Farrell?” asked the man in a polished manner.

“I don’t think so,” answered Colin looking around.

“If you do, please let us know, the intercom is here and here….,” the steward indicated at several spots where the small devices were discreetly installed, “There is also one in the bathroom. Do you still want the breakfast to be served at eight, as previously arranged?”

“Yes, and thank you. That’s be all for now.”

The steward nodded and left the both men alone.

“Is there a second cabin?” asked Jared.

“No, it’s a very small boat,” answered Colin and started to pull over his t-shirt. “But this bed meant for all sorts of different entertainments and it can accommodate at least three people, five – if they are all as skinny as you are.”

“I am not that skinny and you are sure the crew won’t come to the wrong conclusion because we sleep in the same bed?”

“I don’t care about their conclusions and they are paid to keep their mouths shut. By the way, I am taking the shower first.”


“Either because I am a King or because I am paying for this boat,” Colin informed his former co-star with sarcastic but good natured smile. “Any problems?”

“Yes, I don’t have a change of clothes, as I said…..”

“I know, I know, you didn’t plan to stay overnight. Can’t you wash your clothes and hang them to dry….somewhere.”

“And how I am supposed to sleep?” asked Jared.

“Oh, don’t be a prude. I am sleeping naked too. I don’t like any restrictions. “

“Fine,” Jared shrugged his shoulder, “why should I care?”

Waiting for Colin to take the shower, Jared went back to his smartphone. There still were so many things to arrange and take care of. The fact that they decided to keep their plan secret not only from the world but from the original invitees to their respective weddings including both brides, presented challenges, though not insurmountable but still difficult and time consuming.

Some time passed and Colin emerged from the shower with nothing else but the towel around his hips. “Your turn,” he said to Jared but the singer shook his head, “Later. I am talking to your wife.”

“Which one?” asked Colin throwing himself onto the huge bed.

“Rox…. Rosario. She is engaged. I am trying to convince her to join the club. I told her it would be a nice revenge in the memory of Roxana because unlike in Susa, both you and she are going to be married. “

“You are not supposed to be a fan…..of Roxana, I mean,” Colin smiled. “So, what is she saying?”

“She is saying….wait, ah…..” Jared started to shake with laughter.

“What?” Colin jumped from the bed ignoring the towel that slipped from his hips.

“She is asking you for the divorce first.” Jared turned and vied in mocking appreciation the naked figure of Colin approaching him from behind. “Did I mention we were messaging on Skype with both cameras’ on?”

“Shit,” cursed Colin and turned around flashing his naked behind, “why you didn’t mention it before?”

“Why should I? She is your wife, after all…..”

“Oh, shut up,” responded Colin trying to suppress his own laughter, “and go take a shower or I am not sharing the bed with you tonight!”

“Is it a threat? And, by the way, Francisco is just a few flight hours away, so if you are in the mood to order people around, you can take your chances with him.”

“No wonder Alexander took Bagoas to his bed and married Roxana,” said Colin pushing Jared off the chair after he found the towel and tied it around his hips, “I bet he was sick and tired of Hephaistion ordering him around like that. Hello, wifie,” he smiled at Rosario at the screen and turned on the sound, “how’s life?”

“Colin, you didn’t change a bit over the years,” said the actress and blew Colin a kiss, “was it your crazy idea?”

“It was our crazy idea,” corrected her Irishman mockingly sending an exasperated glance to Jared who was disappearing into the shower, “I am afraid I am going to regret it till my last days.”

“Oh, come on, it’s going to be fun,” reassured him Rosario.

“I don’t know. So, are you getting married?”

“Yes, I am. Peter, my fiancé, got shocked at the idea of changing our plans and getting married in two days, but I still may be able to convince him. Though we’ll have to invite a few people of our own, Jared told me it won’t be a problem. I think we may go with it….”

“It would be great…fun. Angie told me she is talking to Brad about the same. And though I doubt we can outdo Alexander’s mass wedding in Susa…. Well, nobody can outdo Alexander in anything. Look, I see Oliver is calling, do you want to do a conference call?”

“No, no, I have to go. Say “hi” to him from me and see you all in a few days.” Rosario signed off and Colin switched on to the conversation with Oliver.

A half an hour later Jared immerged from the shower and took over Colin’s chat with Oliver. But the director, seeing both men’s exhausted looks, assumed his former role of the chaperone and ordered them both to sleep. Colin was all too happy to accommodate this command, he felt tired and the softness of the bed was very inviting. He slipped inside advising Jared to do the same. The American promised but said he had to answer a few emails that dealt with technicalities of their forthcoming weddings.

“As you wish,” murmured Colin and succumbed to the embraces of Morpheus.

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Colin woke up from the resonant sound of somebody knocking on the door.

“What is it?” Colin asked annoyed at the disturbance that won’t go away.

“Your breakfast, Mr. Farrell; you asked for it to be brought at eight in the morning. Should I come in or wait?”

“Bring it in, I feel suddenly famished after the last night activities,” said Colin realizing too late the double meaning of his phrase. The door opened and the steward entered the room only briefly hesitating at the entrance. An almost imperceptible twitch on the face of the well trained man indicated to Colin that something was amiss, but the steward didn’t say a word and proceeded with the tray full of food to the side table. Colin followed the man with his glance and realized the source of his predicament. Jared was still asleep sprawled snowflake-like across the bed with one leg hooked around Colin’s and his blanket on the floor.

The Irishmen silently cursed and hastily threw his own blanket over Jared without realizing that with this gesture he exposed his own naked body to the steward.

“You may leave now,” as calmly as he could master announced Colin and trying to avoid the necessity of looking the exiting man in the eyes, picked up his cell phone that lay discarded on the floor. When the door closed, he leaned over Jared and started unceremoniously to shake him up.

“What the fuck, Colin, go away,” angrily mumbled Jared and scooping Colin’s blanket turned away from the Irishman.

“Wake up, you idiot, we have a problem.”

“What the matter,” Jared sat up and angrily stared at Colin. “What time is it?”

“Eight but look….”

“I don’t care, I could have used one more hour of sleep.”

“Maybe you could have but the breakfast is here and I think I screwed up.”

“I doubt I can eat this breakfast of yours. What did you do this early in the morning?”

“The steward came in with the tray. You were naked in my bed and your blanket was, still is, on the floor. What is he going to think?”

“You said yesterday you didn’t care. Did anything change since the last night?”

“Nothing changed but I didn’t expect anybody to be privy to what we did, I meant, to what we didn’t….”

“Well, we did or we didn’t, or you don’t remember?” smirked Jared.

“Oh, fuck off, what if they have hidden cameras installed?”

“Then it will prove that we did nothing. Hmm, I like the tea,” contently noted Jared sipping from exquisite cup of fine china.

“Don’t you know how any photo can be manipulated?” worriedly asked Colin.

“You worry too much, my Alexander,” smiled Jared and leaned forward to raffle Colin’s hair.

“I am serious, man,” the Irishman angrily brushed away Jared’s hand and left the bed.

“Nobody will tell anything,” assured him Jared, “I am sure those people know the meaning of discretion and that it’s in their best interest to keep quiet about what they saw, let alone what they didn’t. Stop sulking, we still have a million things to do today and tomorrow.”

“I hope you are right,” said Colin, “but I am not staying on this boat for the second night, we can hit the cabanas on the island where nobody will intrude on our privacy.”

“Be careful what you’re saying, you never know who is listening,” Jared started seriously but then broke out in a cheerful laughter.

“You are impossible, you know. Alexander must have been an angel if he had patience for Hephaistion’s behaviour. I can’t imagine spending my whole life with you!”

“Luckily for you, it’s not on my agenda; I mean to spend the whole life with you. Besides, sadly, neither Hephaistion nor Alexander lived long enough to boast our current age.”

“You are right. I guess it’s pre wedding jitters. Don’t you have them?”

“No, I don’t. I’m pretty sure I know what I am doing.”

“This is because you were never married before and don’t know what failure is.”

“Maybe. If it helps, think like Alexander, he never was afraid of failure and never was defeated….. except, well, you know…..,” good naturedly teased Jared.

Colin smiled, “thanks for lifting my spirits. I think I am ready to take on the whole world right now. I’ll tell the captain to take us back to the island. By the way, are your clothes dry or you’re going to smite everybody with your nakedness?”

“I’ll check them out but I don’t mind having them on wet and I might as well take a swim in the ocean. Are you joining me?”

“Are you going to swim to the shore?” asked Colin.

“I don’t know yet, depends how far it is. I am going to get dressed and check this out.”

0 0 0 0 0 0 0

In the end, they went ashore from the boat but not headed right away to the administrative buildings from where the resort was operated. The small vessel took them to the beach where the wedding was going to take place. They promised Philips, the set guy from the Studio, the measurements of the beach, the position of trees and photos from different angles and they decided to deal with it in the morning. Enjoying the fresh breeze, they went for a swim and spent some hours reminiscing on their time during the shoot of Alexander and life in general.

“We’d better hurry up,” Colin broke the nice chat that both of the men indulged in. “Time is in short supply if we indeed going to pull all these weddings off.”

“Of course we will,” assured him Jared. “I have a really good feeling about it.”

They chattered merrily on their way to the administrative centre but their happy and relaxing mood was broken by the resort manager who hurried to meet them as soon as both actors were in the view.

“Mr. Farrell, Mr. Farrell, you didn’t answer your phone for a long time and your sister Claudine was looking for you, she needed to talk to you immediately.”

“I hope she didn’t find out about the change of plans of the wedding location,” Colin whispered to Jared, “she really liked the original one and I hoped she wouldn’t find out till the last moment. Will you come with me?”

“Of course I will come if you want me to, though I am not sure what you want me to tell her.”

“You don’t have to tell anything, just be there.”

“All right,” agreed Jared and followed Colin and the manager inside the building. Colin discovered that his cell phone didn’t have any power and he realized that Claudine was possibly trying to reach him for a very long time and he hoped that she simply worried that something happened to him.”

When they got inside, they were almost knocked down by another employee of the resort who was evidently relived at finding them.

“Mr. Farrell, your sister is on the phone, will you talk to her, please?”

“Of course I will talk to her. Where is the phone?”

“Here, just follow me. She refused to hang up until I find you. She sounds very angry and upset.”

“It’s all right, don’t worry, I can take it from here,” Colin said stepping into the room with the phone and, pushing Jared inside, closed the door.

“Hey, Claudine, how are you, did you lose your little brother? Or you thought I got cold feet about the wedding?” started Colin cheerfully after pushing the button on the phone.

“You fucking idiot, what did you do?!” screamed Colin’s sister on the phone.

“Hey, sis, you may want to watch your language. I am not alone here and we are on the speaker phone,” started Colin carefully quite taken aback at his sister’s outburst.

Instead of the answer, both men heard a sound of crashing glass over some hard surface.

“Claudine, what’s the matter?” the Irishman started to be genially worried, “why are you so mad? Do you want to hear about my company? It’s Jared Leto, you must remember him. Jared, say ‘hello’ to my sister. She is usually far nicer than this, and if you wouldn’t be marrying another, I’d say it would be nice to have you as my brother-in-law instead of…..”

Colin’s attempt at the friendly chat was interrupted by another shrill cry from Claudine, “How dare you to bring him into our conversation?! How could you, Colin, how could you? How could you do this to Maureen, to your family, to all of us?”

“How could I to do what?” asked Colin, puzzled.

“I wouldn’t mind to have two gay married brothers but why should you drag Maureen through this?”

“Two gay married brothers?! Claudine, what are you talking about?” Colin asked, flabbergasted.

“I don’t know how the two of you managed to hide the fact for almost ten years, I just don’t understand why …..”

“Claudine, wait, wait, you don’t make any sense. Who are you talking about?”

“You and Jared!”

“I and Jared? What do you mean?”

“Aren’t the two of you getting married?!”

“Yes, but…..”

“I knew it, it knew it!” screamed Claudine and there was a sound of something else being broken. “How could you humiliate Maureen like that? Don’t you have a shred of conscience left in your rotten soul?!”

“Claudine, I think it is some sort of misunderstanding,” started Jared who was no less perplexed by this outburst of hostility. “Why would you care whom I am marrying?”

“I don’t want to talk to you, bastard!” shouted Colin’s sister instead of the answer. “And don’t you dare to show up at our house, I don’t want your smug face………”

Jared was about to respond in as much polite manner as he could master when the sudden realization hit him, “Claudine, wait a second, are you assuming Colin and I are marrying each other?”

In a corner of his eye Jared saw as Colin’s jaw dropped at this weird suggestion but then Claudine screamed again, “Am I assuming? It is all over the internet and every fucking news outlet!”

“What?!” screamed Colin, “What?!”

“It’s all over the news,” hissed Claudine, “the speculations, the guesses, the wildest and dirtiest gossips, and your wedding invitation to the other stars of Alexander.”

“Our wedding invitation? What idiot leaked it to the press?”

“What does it matter, Colin?” suddenly Claudine sounded tired and defeated on the phone. “I could never imagine you would do such a thing, brother.”

“Claudine, this is all wrong, somebody misinterpreted our wedding invitation,” started to explain Jared.

“Misinterpreted?” asked Claudine, “what is there to misinterpret? ‘Please join us at this most significant event of our lives. Colin and Jared.”

“You didn’t put Maureen’s and Denise’ names on the invitation?! You fucking idiot, what you were thinking?” flared up Colin realizing the source of everybody’s wrong assumption.

“It was a private invitation to the cast of Alexander,” protested Jared, “they wouldn’t know who Denise and Maurine were and they would never assume we were marrying each other!”

“Who is Denise?” asked Claudine with suspicion.
“My fiancé,” tartly responded the singer. “I hope you won’t get offended if I inform you that I have no desire to marry your brother.”

“You don’t?” Claudine asked cautiously.

“We are not marrying each other,” Colin interrupted and Jared suddenly noticed how Irishman’s hands were shaking in a nervous fit, “This is complete nonsense. How any of you could believe such a thing! Where is Maureen? Does she know?”

“She knows,” tonelessly said Claudine. “She was at the last dress fitting. The paparazzi assaulted her when she was getting into the car. It was really ugly and all over the news. The rumours of your wedding exploded like a bomb with inevitable avalanche of gossips and dirt over the two of you, guys. That you hid it for so many years because neither of you had the balls to come out, that Jared stopped acting so that nobody would cast the two of you together again, that you secretly meet in some whore houses…. Colin, you have no idea what you did. I don’t know how you are going to clean up your act.”

“I have to clean up my act? What did I do wrong? And you, Claudine, how could you believe such bullshit?”

“Why wouldn’t I? What other reason would Jared have to meet you secretly on that island?”

“I wasn’t meeting him secretly!” objected Jared. “I had no idea he was there until I saw him with my own eyes. I was scouting the location of my own wedding!”

“You have to find a better excuse then that! Of all the islands in the world you chose the one where Colin was getting married?” exclaimed Claudine; her earlier suspicions came to life again.

“I can say the same about Colin!” exclaimed Jared. “Just because he is your brother, it doesn’t mean you can blame me!”

“Don’t talk like that to my sister!”

“And she can talk to me like that? Now suddenly that’s all my fault?”

“It was your stupid idea!”

“And you liked it! The idea wasn’t stupid. And you read our wedding invitation yourself and you were fine how it was worded and signed.”

“It is not OUR wedding invitation!”

“Oh, fuck off….since when you became such a purist about the choice of words?! You know very well what I meant when I said OUR. So give me a break, will yeah?”

“Give you a break?! What are we going to do now?”

“I would begin with finding the stinker who started the rumour and shoving his face into a pile of shit so that he could taste the fruits of his creation. As for you, you should pray to the gods that the captain and steward of that boat keep their mouth shut!”

Colin almost forgot about their morning escapade but when Jared remind him, the poor Irishman loudly moaned and, dropping helplessly into nearby chair, covered his face with his hands.

“What boat? What happened?” asked Claudine from the other end of the phone.

“Nothing happened!” snapped Jared. “Your brother for a moment forgot that the world is filled with jerks that are willing to sell their own mothers in order to get some bucks. I only pray that I am mistaken about those guys.”

“But what happened?” insisted Claudine.

“Nothing HAPPENED, unless somebody puts their minds into the garret,” and Jared went on with retelling the events on the boat.

It was Claudine’s time to moan, “How you guys could be so careless? Don’t you know how this world works?”

“Screw the world, I have to call Denise,” informed the siblings Jared but the moment he took out his phone, there was a knock on the door.

“What now?” shouted Jared in irritation.

The door opened and the frightened mien of the resort manager appeared in the opening. “There are journalists from “OK!”, “Hello!” and “People” on the phone. With whom do you want to talk first?”

“What?! Did you tell them we’re here?” screamed Colin, jumping from his chair.

The manager tried to protest, “I didn’t tell them. They already knew. They are asking for interviews and I thought…………”

“I don’t give a fuck what you thought, just shut the door and don’t answer any phones,” yelled Colin and rushed towards Jared. “I am going to cut your balls off if this damned joke of yours going to destroy my wedding!” The Irishman grabbed Jared by the folds of his t-shirt and shoved him against the wall. “Do you hear me?!” Colin face, distorted by rage and despair was less than a few inches from Jared’s; the singer, though trying to keep his cool, was also losing his patience with his former co-star and the whole situation. He pushed Colin away with the force that the Irishman didn’t expect from his less bulky friend and the strong movement resulted in the strips of Jared’s t-shirt being ripped off and left in Colin’s hands.

“You idiot!” hissed Jared and approached Colin menacingly.

“Guys, what you are doing?” Claudine, still on the speakerphone, was suddenly concerned about what was happening in the room since there was nobody to apprise her of the situation. In a sudden realization it came to her that it was wrong and completely absurd to suspect her brother of being secretly involved with another man for ten years and she rebuked herself for succumbing to the general hysteria in the media. Not hearing any response from either her brother or Jared, she called out again, “Guys, please, whatever you’re doing, stop it! What are you doing? Guys!!!!”

But Colin and Jared couldn’t hear her. They assaulted each other with viciousness and determination that they felt towards the outside world that twisted their lives to their own liking and imagination not caring about ruining any lives on a whim. The two actors were rolling on the floor trying to do as much damage as possible to each other, their clothes in tatters, their hairs dishevelled, their breathing heavy and laboured. At some moment, Colin managed to get on top of Jared and he drove his right knee with a huge force between Jared’s legs and forced his arms aside leaning so close to Jared’s face that he could distinguish the delicate lines of Jared’s lips that opened in the agony of a scream caused by the pain that Colin was inflicting on him.

But the moment of distraction cost dearly to Colin. Jared, not at all feeling defeated, swung his own legs above Colin’s torso in a deadly lock trying to get the Irishman off. Losing the balance because his arms were too wide spread on the floor pinning Jared down, Colin crashed further into Jared, not leaving any space between two tightly entwined bodies, his lips first hitting Jared’s nose and then sliding naturally down to Jared’s. Both men, suddenly completely exhausted by their struggle froze in a suspended silence and it was then that they heard some clicking sounds.

Colin slightly pulled himself up from Jared and feeling the superiority of his position, mockingly asked, “Is it your teeth chattering with fear of what I am going to do to you?”

“My teeth couldn’t chatter with anything because you tried to push your tongue between them.”

“Don’t flatter yourself, kissing you was the furthest thing on my mind,” his anger was ebbing away and though he regretted assaulting Jared like this, Colin was not ready to admit it yet and instead tried to cover his embarrassment with joke.

“No?” Jared also returned to his former teasing self, “just when I started to appreciate the curves of your body…..” and as if wanting to prove his words with action, he freed his hands from Colin’s relaxed grip and ran it suggestively along Irishman’s back and started to move his legs, still locked above Colin’s butt, back and forth to imitate avid lovemaking.

And at the same time both actors heard the clicking sound again. With dread, all their playful mood gone, they turned their heads to the source of the sound and from their position on the floor they saw that the door to their room was open and the space was filled with a crowd of overeager journalists who were clicking their cameras in rapture of the incredible scoop they managed to capture.

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Part 1

Read more...Collapse )

“I wish I knew about this place before,” wistfully thought Colin and, kicking off his sandals, carefully moved along the palm tree till the moment he felt the warm water of the ocean playfully licked the toes of his feet. Colin happily smiled and moving further enjoyed the pleasant feel of the water reaching up to his calves. The wedding was in three days and tomorrow, after the previous parties left the island, the luxurious cabanas on the north side of the island will be rearranged according to his plans. “Well, not only mine’s,” smiled Colin happily. He still couldn’t believe how similar in tastes he and his future wife Maureen have been. He really hoped it will work for him this time. He was tired of falling in love with women and then discovering that settled life was very different from the courting life. Not that he blamed his other halves for that, it just …. didn’t work out before and he desperately hoped this time will the last time.

“Colin? Colin Farrell?” the surprised and vaguely familiar voice brought him back from his reverie.

The Irishman turned around abruptly and losing the balance, almost fell into the water but was caught in the last moment by the steady arm of the man who infringed on his solitude.

“What the hell?! Jared, what are YOU doing here?” Colin steadied himself back on the tree but then, swinging his leg over the trunk, waded from the water into the dry ground.

“I can ask you the same question; of all the places on earth, I came across you HERE!”

“I didn’t know you were looking for me.”

“Who said I was looking for you?” Jared’s genuine surprise was tinged with a healthy dose of irritation.

“Then what you’re doing here?” Colin asked though he realized that his question was somewhat preposterous.

Jared scoffed, “Last time I checked, your name was Colin Farrell and mine - Jared Leto, not Alexander the Great and Hephaistion, respectively. Why would you even presume that I was looking for you?”

“Sorry, it didn’t come out right,” conceded Colin. “I just truly didn’t expect…. well, anyway, what are you doing here?”

“Fine,” Jared smiled, “I was just teasing. I saw this place yesterday evening from the small aircraft that brought me here. It flew very low and I saw the magnificent sunset. I immediately knew that this place would be far better choice than cabanas on the south side of the island.”

“Cabanas on the south side? What do you mean?”

“Well, there are cabanas on the south and north side of the island. The north side was already booked for the dates I wanted so I went with the south side; they are also very nice and I liked the setting…..wait,” Jared stopped in the middle of the sentence, “that can’t be… can it? Please don’t tell me it was you who booked the north cabanas….?”

“Well…..,” Colin started uncertainly. He could deny the fact, but it was stupid, Jared would find out soon enough if he planned to stay on the island for a few more days. “Look, it’s a very private wedding, only some forty people invited ….”

Jared suddenly laughed, so wholeheartedly and sincere that Colin immediately realized his mistake and almost blushed at the presumptuousness of his unfinished phrase.

“Well, I agree, it was stupid,” the Irishman conceded, “it must be a curse put on me by the Olympians for my poor performance in Oliver’s movie, but each time I see you, I immediately start to behave like Alexander.”

Jared stopped laughing and his face quickly changed to a very serious expression, “I told you many times in the past, stop listening to those idiots who slammed your performance in Alexander. But yes, your presumptuousness was a little….too overbearing. I didn’t come here to invite myself to your wedding. Though rumors were abound that you’re going to tie a knot, the location and the date didn’t make it to the press. Otherwise, I would never……”

“You would never what?” asked Colin.

“Pick up the same island and the same date for my own wedding,” announced Jared with a scowl.

“You did what?” Colin’s jaw dropped in surprise.

“Well, you heard me.”

“This is impossible….incredible. You’re… getting married? I would never guess you’re the type.”

“Well, truth be told, I am still surprised myself… but….”

It was Colin’s turn to laugh and then he scooped Jared into bear hug, “Congratulations, man! I am so happy for you! Who is the lucky girl and how did you manage to keep it from the press….? There was not a peep from the pappies.”

“I have many hidden talents,” Jared smiled, “my fiancé’s name is Denise and she is…what they say, the girl next door. We didn’t pay much attention to our feelings in the beginning and when we realized what they were, we didn’t feel like selling them to the press. I would say, discretion and luck did it for us.”

“And maybe Hephaistion watched over you,” added Colin.

“Why suddenly Alexander is so much on your mind?”

“I don’t know,” Colin shrugged his shoulders, “I never thought of any other actors with whom I shared the credits in the movies in terms of our respective characters, but somehow it always happens with you. Besides, do you remember, this year is the 10th year anniversary of the movie. I thought it would be a good idea to surprise Oliver with our get-together. I was just looking for some excuse.”

“Like wedding in Susa?” mischievously asked Jared.

“What do you mean?” asked Colin but the moment the words of the question left his tongue, his eyes grew big with realization, “you can’t seriously…..”

“Why not?” challenged Jared, “this place looks ideal. “You said you have some forty guests? I have thirty five, if everybody shows up, this beach can accommodate some hundred or hundred twenty people. We can invite your mom to the wedding.”

“You didn’t think that I didn’t invite my own mother?” Colin felt indignant.

Jared laughed, “Not that mom! I meant Olympias, of course. Angie can bring some or all of her brood to play with your sons, and besides, I am sure Alexander would love if Achilles himself came to his wedding!” the mischievous sparkles shone in Jared’s magnificent blue eyes.

Colin first frowned but then chuckled, realizing the humor of the situation. But then he sadly shook his head, “I like your idea, but it’s too short notice. It would take months to organize such a reunion and, I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to postpone my wedding.”

“Nonsense! We are not talking about the bureaucratic hurdles to reallocate Oscars. Besides, Philips is my good buddy.”

“Who’s Phillips?”

“Sets guy in Pinewood Studios. He arranged some stuff for a few of my shoots. We joked about borrowing Babylon palace set for one of my videos. He said he can arrange to get it anywhere in the world in one day tops.”

“I don’t think so. Just to take it out of the crates, to find a charter flight….”

“We can leave it for him to organize. Pity, Oliver didn’t shoot the Susa wedding, but Babylon will do. It will look magnificent here with a sunset over the ocean for a backdrop,” Jared closed his eyes and whispered, “Colin, we should do it. Remember, nothing was impossible for Alexander, especially when he had Hephaistion’s help.”

Colin chuckled, “Please tell me you’re just teasing me. You are not considering it seriously.”

“Of course I’m considering it seriously. You said it yourself, you liked this beach better than cabanas.”

“Yes, I did, but this is crazy!”

“Where is your sense of adventure?”

“I am not that adventurous, and I am sure that Alexander……”

“Oh, please! Not Alexander? Did you forget so quickly? Take for example his marriage to Roxana, I am sure your guests will be less shocked at your change of plans than Alexander’s generals when he announced his wedding!”

“I am not going for the shock effect. Besides, I don’t know what Maureen would say.”

“Your bride, I guess? We’ll keep it quiet and the change of location will be a surprise for everybody already invited, besides, women love surprises.”

“We don’t have secrets from each other.”

“Where did I hear that phrase before?” Jared chuckled and, fishing his smartphone from the pocket, started to browse the internet.

“What are you doing?” with suspicion asked Colin.

“As you said, we don’t have a lot of time. We should start with sending out invitations to Alexander’s cast and crew. I am typing the list.”

Colin nervously exhaled and took a few steps to stand over Jared’s shoulder to see the names his former co-star was coming with. It was happening all too quickly for Colin’s sense of comfort. He remembered Jared to be an impulsive person but this went beyond what he thought Jared was capable of. Colin watched in mute apprehension how Jared finished with their guests list and started to type the words of invitation.

“So, what do you think, my Alexander?” asked Jared when he was done.

“I think this is crazy.”

“Hmmm…. I disagree; by the way, I am sure it was Hephaistion who was responsible for this task at Alexander’s weddings.”

“Maybe it was Hephaistion but he and Alexander were lovers and soul mates, they knew instinctively what the other wanted.”

“I am sure it was Hephaistion’s responsibility as a Chiliarch not as a lover, this is why he came to blows with Eumenos all the time.”

“Maybe, but you’re neither. “

Jared looked Colin over and raised one brow in a haughtily challenging expression, “Nevertheless, what shall I do?”

“Hit the ‘Send’ button,” Colin heard his own voice in horror.

Happy Birthday, Zophiel_lagace!

Dearest Zopiel_lagace! I wish you a wonderful birthday and many happy returns. May this year bring you lots of happiness, new exciting adventures and great inspirations for the new stories.

Some time ago, I was wondering and admiring (not for the first time, of course) your incredible ability to write such a long story about the person who didn’t interest you very much because he wasn’t a Roman (I mean Alexander, of course). I never would be able to accomplish such a fit. And then I realized that on some level I did – not by writing a story but by visiting places. Though I didn’t set foot in Italy yet, I have been to far greater amount of the Roman cities than Greek cities. So, I decided to put together an album for you with photos and some historical background. I hope you (and other viewers of this post) will enjoy a slideshow.

Some explanation before the journey. There was a group of ten cities (called predictably Decapolis) on the Eastern frontier of the Roman Empire in Judea and Syria. These ten Greco-Roman cities were not an official league but they came together because of their common Greco-Roman language and culture, location and political status though each of them possessed autonomy and was self-ruled. Below is the official list (modern name followed in brackets by original name from Greco-Roman times):

  1. Gerasa (Jerash) in Jordan

  2. Scythopolis (Beth-Shean) in Israel

  3. Hippos (Hippus or Sussita) in Israel

  4. Gadara (Umm Qais) in Jordan

  5. Pella (West of Irbid) in Jordan

  6. Philadelphia, modern day Amman, the capital of Jordan

  7. Capitolias (Beit Ras) in Jordan (Dion, Jordan)

  8. Canatha (Qanawat) in Syria

  9. Raphana in Jordan

  10. Damascus, the capital of modern Syria

I happened to be in three of those cities – Gerasa/Jerash and Philadelphia/Amman in Jordan and Scythopolis/Beit-Shean in Israel. The album below was created from the photos I took during those trips. I hope you’ll enjoy this virtual journey (double-click on the photos to see bigger view).


My apologies for not using LJ cut - I spent some 20 minutes trying to do it, but somehow it didn't work. Grr... I don't have to tell you that recently LJ being so-o-o-o-o frustrating.

Coming out....

On a quiet and lazy Saturday day I was brousing youtube and found this funny video.....    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kCz-gTcIDY


Happy Birthday, dear Jun!

Dear Jun! First of all Happy Birthday and many happy returns. I wish you a great year of new adventures and wonderful experiences. My daughter joins in these felicitations.

Taking into account somewhat unreliable LJ behaviour lately, I post this story on the eve of your birthday. I have to admit, the idea started in my mind as a short story of misadventure of one of your favorite characters from Alexander’s world. But on paper it turned into something else. I even started to doubt its suitability as a birthday story. But life is not all roses, is it?


Title: “Beware of strangers bearing gifts”

Word count: 6,000

Rating: Just like in the movies “This story contains violence, sexual language and scenes that not suitable for children. Some adults might find the contend offensive.”


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This entry is for my personal memory but if anybody else finds it interesting, all the better.

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Christmas Cards exchange

Yes! It's that time of the year again - I am looking forward to receiving postcards from my friends and obviously sending them mine as well.

My tastes didn't change during this year and I still would like to get post cards with the images of your city or interesting historical or natural places nearby, that sort of things.

I hope this year more people will join our circle of Christmas Cards exchange. Please PM me if you didn't send me your address before and would like to exchange cards this year.

One last thing - I am leaving on vacation on December 16th coming back December 31st so I would love to get your card before my leave.

My best wishes to everybody.


Drabble challenge - Language

Title:  “Language, or the real reason why Alexander married so late.”


Dedication: I don’t have the audacity to officially dedicate this story to the ex-CIA Chief but the drabble below was inspired by his recent resignation and the entire hubbub around it. If you are not up-to-date with the current political events in USA, I am afraid this story won’t make much sense to you.


Disclaimer: the story below is fruit of my imagination and should be regarded as such. I mean no offence to anybody and hold marital values and matters of national security at highest respect.




“That went

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Dedication: to my dear friend too_beauty on her birthday.

A/N: I hope everybody will enjoy this short fanfic below. Believe it or not, it's my fifth story about Alexander's awful words to Hephaistion. Like many others, I can't wrap my mind around it, this is probably why I continue to write on the subject. I hope you like how I handled it on this particular occasion. Readers comments are highly valued and appreciated. 

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